Y3&4 – Leon and the Place Between – Circus!

Y3/4 are starting Literacy lessons about a book called Leon and the Place Between. The staff wanted to get the children thinking about the fair- sights, smells, sounds, etc

So they set the classroom up with food stalls (real popcorn), hook a duck, coconut shy, juggling, hoopla, tight rope walking. They had fairground music and a photo reel of fairground icons. They children had no idea this was going to be in their classrooms, they were just given two tickets and money to spend. Whilst experiencing the fair they had to contribute to ideas about the fair on big sheets of paper. There was also a table with objects on which were clues about a character- cloak, top hat, wand, rabbit, secret box- what character would you guess?

The children made some great predictions about the book from this and we hope they enjoy working with the text as much as they did being drawn into the fairground experience.

Revising possessive pronouns – Y6

In preparation for our SATs in the next few weeks, we have been revising possessive pronouns ready for our spelling, punctuation and grammar test as we were getting confused with how to find and change them in a sentence. We were joined by a teddy from reception class, who helped us to identify when to use ours, theirs, his, hers and my! We discussed who the teddy belonged to, by changing the proper nouns in our sentences to possessive pronouns. Many of the Year 6s wished the teddy was ‘theirs’!

Tim Peake in a bucket

Today some receptions included ‘the astronaut Tim Peake’ in their world in a bucket!

We are doing a quite lengthy project based on the book ‘Billy’s Bucket’ during which we will be making postcards from our holiday in our bucket land, walking to the shop to buy a stamp and post them home to mums and dads, and seeing how long they take to arrive back at home.